Pass along this message.

They have started telling lies so it is time for us to tell the truth. These videos we have are the truth as it happened. They are videos that cannot be refuted.

If these videos are untrue, can the government provide us with alternative videos of their version? Where are the videos from the Lekki toll gate cameras before the lights went off? Where are CCTV videos from the banks and other buildings in the area?

It is also imperative to note that shooting innocent and unarmed civilians is illegal by the Nigerian constitution and International law that binds security forces in Nigeria. It is a violation of their fundamental human rights. The #ENDSARS protests began as a reaction to innocent civilians getting killed without reason. Is the solution to the problem a continuation of it?

The truth will always prevail.

Viewer's discretion is advised.

A timeline of events

In the video below, you can see the Nigerian army collecting the bodies of the dead. Why were they collecting the bodies and where are these bodies?

Below is a video from popular musician and DJ Dj Switch's instagram live broadcast that night. Is it possible to manipulate a live video? While these other videos were being recorded? Over 130,000 people globally watched the stream live, you can see the number on the top right of the recording.

Video from on office building nearby. You can hear the staff asking people to sit down and laydown so they don't get shot.